Torch E27(Screw) 20W Energy Saving Bulb

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Specifications: • Optional wattage: 7-105W • Operating voltage: 110 to 130V or 220 to 240V • Frequency: 50/60Hz • Average lifetime: 6000hrs/8000 hrs/10000hrs available • Optional base: E27/B22/E14 • Optional Color Temperature: 2,700K/4,100K/6,500K Applications: Shopping malls, table lamps, pendent lamps, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, hotels etc.
Energy Saving Lamp Features: • More compact structure, cuter appearance • High light output and excellent color rendering • Dramatic energy saving and longer life • Flicker free starting operation • Ideal replacement of incandescent lamp • T2,T3, T4 ,T5 tube are available
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