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ABB 33kV, 2500Amps SF6 Gas Circuit Breaker Outdoor Type OHB

Base Cabinet
The base cabinet is made of painted mild steel. The cabinet houses a spring operated mechanism which is mechanically linked to all three poles. The cabinet also includes the followings:

  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Circuit breaker status indicator
  • Mechanical operation counter
  • Breaker control switches
  • Anti-pumping relay
  • AC / DC fuses, MCBs
  • Auxiliary wiring
  • Terminal blocks
  • Gas pressure monitoring relays

Operating mechanism
For high operational reliability and minimal maintenance, a simple and robust spring operated mechanism is used.


  • O-C-O operation without recharging
  • Closing spring is charged by motor in less than 15 secs.
  • Mechanical / electrical anti-pumping
  • Provision for manual charging
  • Suitable for rapid auto-reclosing
  • Manual closing and tripping arrangement
  • Mechanical ON – OFF and SPRING CHARGED indication
  • Auxiliary switch: 13 NO + 13 NC
  • Additional tripping solenoid(optional)




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