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TeSys Schneider Electric Overload Relays 23 – 32amps

3-pole relays with screw clamp terminals
These overload relays are designed for the protection of motors. They are
compensated and phase failure sensitive. Resetting can either be manual or
Direct mounting: under the contactor for versions with screw clamp terminals only;
pre-wired terminals, see pages B11/28 and B11/30.
Separate mounting: using terminal block LA7 K0064 (see below).
On the front face of the overload relay:
b selection of reset mode: Manual (marked H) or Automatic (marked A),
b red pushbutton: Trip Test function,
b blue pushbutton: Stop and manual Reset,
b yellow trip flag indicator: overload relay tripped.
Protection by magnetic circuit breaker GV2 LE, see pages A6/11 and A6/20.



TeSys LR9D and LR9F electronic overload relays provide simple, flexible and reliable motor protection.

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